Foggy forest
Welcome to the gallery page. Over time we will be uploading images of both the local area and further afield in both Winter and summer so you can get a better idea of what a great place this is to visit.
Chalet Chantecler
Chatel in Winter
Chatel in Summer
Displaying images in Chatel in Summer.
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View over Chatel Typical chalet in the Summer Don't expect to see many Marmot - here's one just in case you don't spot one!
Lake Vonnes a few minutes walk from the centre of Chatel The Fantasticable Rock climbing above Chatel
Mountain biking above Chatel Fantasticable departure On one of the many walks in Chatel
The Devilkart Fishing on a lake above Chatel Chatel swimming pool
At one of Chatel's festivals Chatel market day Riding the Bob Luge
High Street Chatel High Street Chatel Outside the Mairie
Summer picknick Les Dents du Midi House in Chatel
flowers Chatel centre Abondance Autumn fair
Abondance Autumn fair Abondance Autumn fair
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